The Three Creek Beef philosophy of treating our cattle with the utmost care extends to processing. It’s a critical stage which requires serious expertise. Our beef is processed at a world-class plant and grain feedlot on the famous Darling Downs, halfway between our New England property and the Port of Brisbane. This means minimal travelling stress for our cattle. There they receive careful preparation and our product is in prime export condition.

Licensed to world markets

The plant is licensed to operate in markets including China, Japan, Korea, UK, Europe, Middle East, SE-Asia and North America. The fully qualified processing team brings generations of experience and skill to the task. Their international experience means we have a rich understanding and respect for customer requirements. Naturally our plant meets all compliance requirements (AQIS) including Halal certification.

A well-planned journey

From the rich rolling hills of New England, through the state-of-the-art processing plant, and into the finest kitchens around the world, every step of the journey is highly considered.

The care and quality is there for you to taste on the plate.