Three Creek Beef follows global best practice standards to deliver our exceptional beef products— but the highest standards are those we set ourselves. Our family has devoted itself to producing beef of rare quality for five generations. This dedication to our prime beef produce extends to our customers too. Three Creek Beef promises you the very best produce possible, every time.

Grading systems and food safety   

Three Creek Beef is graded through quality assurance systems by AusMeat
qualified graders to deliver consistent premium beef product. Our production follows strict Australian food safety standards and export accreditation requirements. Along with AusMeat, we fiercely guard our beef’s reputation and integrity, never compromising on quality.

Three Creek Beef is certified by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and Livestock Production Assurance (LPA. The MSA system is based on almost 700,000 consumer taste tests by over 100,000 consumers from nine countries, taking into account all factors that affect eating quality from the paddock to the plate.

LPA is the Australian industry’s industry’s on-farm food safety program and meets the stringent requirements of domestic and export markets.

Halal Certification, MSQA audited and EU eligible 
Our beef is subject to the strict standards of a government approved and audited Meat Safety Quality Assurance (MSQA) program. It is Halal certified and EU eligible.

Hormone free  

Three Creek Beef is guaranteed grain fed and hormone free. Combined with the New England area’s famous pristine pastures, fresh air and crystal clear water, we have all the ingredients we need to produce superb beef.